Stockport early 1900s

Stockport - map Farr St
Stockport - Hollywood Park
Stockport - Hollywood Park & Viaduct

Austin, Emma & family lived on Farr Street. The views below are from Hollywood Park where Edward, Annie and Thomas would have played.

Stockport - River Mersey Print
Stockport - Mersey

An old print of the River Mersey at Stockport and a c.1970s photograph.

Stockport - St. Josephs
Stockport - Our Lady & Apostles

An old print of St. Josephs, Stockport and a photograph of Our Lady and the Apostles

Stockport - Ring Mills

Stockport Ring Mills area is where the Mersey river rescue took place.

Stockport - map Beehive Mill
Stockport - Portwood mills from coal drops
Stockport - Alligator Mill

Portwood mills area (above)

Coal drops (left)

Alligator Mill (below)



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