Copyright note

This is a non-commercial website but does contain supplemental information that might be of general interest to readers of the book.

Material on the website originates from family archives (images and business documents), has been created by the author (written material and some images), is  believed to be out of copyright due to its age (mostly images), or is covered by the fair dealing exemption. Efforts have been made to check sources but in many cases works are anonymous or there is simply no  information available. Copyright law is also complex so mistakes can occasionally happen despite undertaking reasonable enquiry. If you do have an issue with any of the material please email the author using the contact link on the ‘About’ page, identifying the image or other material, stating the  problem you have with it and some reasonable evidence of copyright  ownership. It will be removed. As for my own family archive material, copyright in most of the images has already expired as they were taken prior to June 1st 1957. However, there is always the possibility that a photograph  taken after July 1st 1945 may still have still been in copyright when the 1993 Regulations took effect on July 1st 1995. 

Sources of material are cited where they are known. Some items have been collected via on-line auctions and collectors fairs.

Copyright on photographs created after June 1st 1957, or for earlier photographs  still in copyright (under previous 50 year rule) on July 1st 1995, is  generally seventy years from the death of the author, or seventy years  after the end of the year in which the work was first published, or created (where the author is unknown).