Middleton early 1900s

Middleton - Dale House map
Middleton - Dale House 1996

Austin, Emma and family stayed in ‘Dale House’ while living in Middleton. Dale House location (above) would have been at the top of Hilton Fold Lane. The photo on the left shows the building as it was in 1996. It has now been demolished.

A 1920s aerial view of the area (below) showing the relative positions of Dale House to the local mills. Hilton Fold Lane had already been extended by then.

Middleton - overview 1920s
Middleton - Market Place
Middleton - Long St

Middleton Market Place and Long Street (above)

Middleton - Whitsun procession

Middleton Whitsun procession (left)

Middleton - front loading tram

A front loading tram of the type that would have been seen being shunted in and out of Hilton Fold Lane tram shed.

Middleton - St. Peter's old
Middleton - St. Peter's new

The earlier (below) and later (right) iterations of St. Peter’s RC Church in Middleton.

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