About the author & book

I am married with two adult children and live on the West Pennine Moors, about five miles from Bolton in the North West of England. My career has been defined by its evolution  from one area to another. I've been an accountant, a general manager and a management consultant and have worked in various parts of the world. My wife and I are now semi-retired, although we are increasingly involved in selling second hand books and ephemera from time to time, some charity work and occasional consultancy work. I have a theoretical physicist trained son  involved in software development, a daughter working for Oxford  University as a biological research scientist and a wife who is  virtually unbeatable at Scrabble. Conversation is rarely uninteresting.

‘A Lancashire Story’ is my second novel and is a prequel to ‘Family Business’, the novel chronicling the story of the family between 1920 and 1950. Written in a similar style to ‘Family Business’ the story starts in the early 1890s and ends just after the First World War in 1919. Although factually based, a certain amount of creative license has been used to fill in the gaps, adding a bit of colour and circumstance to what might have been a basic list of people, times and events. 

Contacting me and blog

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