From the North

From the North the quickest way to Edgworth is to leave the M65 at Junction 5, ‘Guide’, turn left at the B6231, ‘Blackamore Road’, junction and then left again at ‘Roman Road’ (yes, it was once the Manchester to Ribchester Road). Keep following this road for 3 to 4 miles until you reach the double roundabout in the centre of Edgworth (go straight across the ealier Hoddlesden/Darwen roundabout). At the double roundabout turn right; the Barlow is on your left next to Edgworth Cricket Club.

From the northern parts of the Manchester area

Leave the Manchester motorway network (M60) at the A666 for Bolton and Blackburn. At the first set of traffic lights on the A666 (Topp Way\Turton Street), turn right and follow Turton Street past the retail sheds until you reach the next set at Tonge Moor Road. Turn left on to Tonge Moor Road (A676) until you reach Bolton’s orbital road (Crompton Way) junction. There are a number of minor traffic lights and crossing up to this point but this one is recognisable using a Shell garage and ‘Castle’ pub as landmarks. Go straight ahead until you reach the junction at Bradshaw (Lea Gate), about half a mile away. The road forks at this point. There is a route using either fork but it is easier to take the one on the right - stay in the right-hand lane at this junction. Go through the lights until the next set, a few hundred yards after the road bends to the right. Turn left at this junction (the church will be to your right) and continue to follow the A676 (Bradshaw Road) for a couple of miles until you reach a sharp bend in the road (before you reach Hawkshaw). The landmark to look out for is an Indian restaurant on your right, Dalchini. Turn left here (Bury Road, the B6213) and follow this until you reach the double roundabout in the centre of Edgworth. Turn left here. The Barlow will be on your left after Edgworth Cricket Club.

Alternatively, the postcode for the Barlow is BL7 0AP for people using a satnav.